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For artists who are self taught.

Welcome to STA!

Rose divider by Sophibelle


Welcome to all new members! Thank you for joining our group. This group is for anyone who considers themselves self-taught, and all skill levels are welcome!


:bulletred: This group is for self taught artists, though we are not strict on what our definitions of 'self-taught' means.
:bulletred: Please be respectful. Do not bash other people and/or their artwork. We accept everyone and all forms artwork here!
:bulletred: Anything against DeviantART's policies are not allowed. Please note the group itself or an admin if you see something inappropriate and/or against DeviantART's policies. We will take care of it as quick as possible.
:bulletred: Please do not advertise on our page! There are plenty of groups that are made for that kind of thing.
:bulletred: Members are allowed to submit 3 deviations per folder per month. If you submit a deviation that gets declined, it will still count towards your monthly submission limit.
:bulletred: Please remember to submit to the correct folder! If you do not submit to the correct folder, your deviation will more than likely be declined. We will politely ask you to submit your deviation to the correct folder.
:bulletred: Don't like getting deviations in your inbox? Simply unwatch the group, there's no need to leave the group altogether!
:bulletred: It seems some people are having trouble joining the group. If someone is using the mobile website, the 'Join Group' button won't be on the page for some reason. You can simply switch to the desktop site and join, or just leave us a comment so we can invite you.

Thank you for reading, we hope you enjoy your stay here! We're always here and happy to assist you!

:bulletgreen: ADMIN POSITIONS: OPEN :bulletgreen:

If you're interested in being a staff member here at STA, please click HERE and fill out the form at the bottom of the journal!

Random from Favourites

Hello, founder here with a couple announcements!

:bulletgreen: If you haven't already realized, I have upgraded the group to Super status once again. I'm really glad to see the group running again! Though the group isn't exactly what it used to be, it'll get there.

:bulletorange: We eventually plan on hosting contests for :points:, memberships, promotions, etc., but first we have to gather up some :points: and discuss things. We will keep you guys updated, so always check back here if you're interested in participating!

We want to make this group as fun and enjoyable as possible for you guys!

:bulletred: Have spare :points: you don't mind donating? Go to my page, Sintoxicated, look for the donation pool and donate there. All donations will be greatly appreciated and go towards future contests!

Thank you!
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Affiliations are accepted all the time, so just send one if you want to affiliate with us!



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Can you send me an invite please? :3
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Hi, could you send me an invite?)
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I can't find a link/button but I'd love 2 join?
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I've sent you an invite :)
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